Business Leader's Award To Fight
Human Trafficking

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Nomination details
1. Each section of the following form should be completed, in English, French or Spanish.

2. Before completing and submitting your nomination, please refer to the details on eligibility and criteria below.

3. Business executives can nominate themselves or be nominated by a second party, provided all relevant information is provided.

4. Nominees/Nominators may be asked for additional information or materials.

5. Final selection of the winner will be made by an international Jury.

1. To be eligible for consideration, the business leader must be working in an entity which is a legally registered organization providing goods and/or services.

2. As an international award, submissions from all regions and countries are eligible.

3. The specific anti-human trafficking initiative by the respective business leader entered for consideration must relate to activities undertaken within the last ten years, since 2000 when the UN Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking In Persons, Especially Women and Children was adopted.

The award program will consider nominations of business leaders who have proven that they have the vision and commitment to combating human trafficking and who fulfill one or more of the following criteria:

1. The business leader has led a socially responsible initiative to combat human trafficking : The leader must have played a major role in the conceptualization, and successful realization of an initiative which has effected a positive change towards combating human trafficking such as the provision of support to victims of trafficking;

2. The business leader can demonstrate the influence he or she has had on different levels of his or her company’s business management and operations in identifying, combating and preventing any form of human trafficking: The resulting corporate policies and practices, dealing with human trafficking issues, including appropriate responses for victims must be innovative in their approach.

3. The business leader has successfully engaged a wider community/audience in preventive measures against human trafficking: They must have produced an outcome that benefits the most vulnerable of persons, such as the creation of jobs, victim support shelters, educational and information programmes, IT solutions and so on.

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